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Giorgio Dalla Cia
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Giorgio Dalla Cia

George Dalla Cia

The name Giorgio Dalla Cia will always be associated with the iconic Rubicon, one of the first Bordeaux style blends in South Africa which earned him the accolade of South Africa’s Champion Winemaker in 1980 and producer of the best red blend in the world in 2006.

A graduate of the exclusive Scuola Enologica di Conegliano (Wine Academy) in Italy, cook, philosopher, gourmand, antiques collector and wild mushroom expert, Giorgio has long shared his love of good wine and culinary pleasures with an enchanted public.

It is his uncompromising pursuit of perfection in everything that he does which inspires Giorgio to constantly refocus his energies and expand his experience. Even though he is a firm traditionalist he is also prepared to embrace the futuristic unconventional.
George Dalla Cia, son of Giorgio and Simonetta, brings diverse consumer – oriented skills to the family business. Having studied marketing and graphic design, he was perfectly suited to take on the position of Head of Marketing when he and his father decided to develop the family brand.

His first role in the Dalla Cia venture was to learn all the family secrets of fine grappa making passed on through generations, first to his father, then to him. George is still very much involved in the grappa distillation at Dalla Cia but he is also more present on the wine making side.

While maintaining the long-standing Dalla Cia traditions, George is also responsible for introducing groundbreaking concepts, which ensure that the brand carves a niche for itself in the future.
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